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Obesity Is a Chronic and Progressive Disease, but Is Often Not Treated the Same as Other Conditions in This Category

Like for many multifactorial and chronic diseases,2 it is critical to offer both pharmacological and non-pharmacological options to your employees with obesity, as one specific strategy will not address the needs of everyone in your organization.3

In addition to lifestyle intervention and bariatric surgery, coverage for anti-obesity medications (AOMs) is often a determining factor in the ability to appropriately manage weight at the employer level.1,4

The Cost of Obesity

Get 3 learning modules to learn about your next action steps for optimizing coverage for weight loss treatments, including AOMs.

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COVID-19 and Obesity

People with obesity have reason to be concerned about COVID-19 based on the increased risks they face. This resource discusses these risks and provides information on COVID-19 and obesity.


Additional Resources


Examples of Letters to Providers

Get tips and resources to help navigate obesity coverage.


The “Biggest Loser” Study Brochure

Learn more about how a person’s metabolic system affects the ability to lose weight.


Wellness Program Brochure

Read results of a study that point out some of the limitations of using wellness programs alone for weight loss.

Obesity Resources for Employees

Obesity Resources
for Employees


What Is Obesity?

How is it measured? What is BMI? Why try to manage weight? How do you break the cycle?


Weight-Loss Cycle

Educate employees on what this cycle is and how they might break it.


The Tug-of-War of Weight Management

Help your employees understand why they may go through periods of weight loss and weight gain.


TrueWeight® Report

Your employees can create a personalized report to help develop a weight-management plan with their healthcare providers.


Obesity Treatment Options

Give your employees information about the options they have for weight management.

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